Autumn Hair Trends

Autumn Hair Trends You Need To Try At Muse Hair & Beauty Salon, Broadway

As we say goodbye to summer we say hello to a range of gorgeous new autumn hair cuts, colours and styles! Here at Muse Hair & Beauty Salon in Broadway, we love the change of season as it allows us to get creative with your locks! Our team of expert hairdressers are ready and waiting if you’re in the mood for a striking hair makeover! 

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Please note: You must come into the salon for a quick & simple allergy test prior to any tinting treatments.

The Octopus Cut

Just when you thought you’d seen it all, along comes another surprising new hair trend! The Octopus Cut is where voluminous layers are added around the crown area to add body, movement & texture to your hair. The layers ‘mirror’ the tentacles of an octopus and work well on all hair types. 

The look has its roots in funky retro classics, with the texture and edge of the ’70s Shag hairstyles, and the tousled rebellious styling of the Wolf Cut.

The Jellyfish Hair Cut

This weird and wonderful new style is similar to octopus hair, but is slightly more bold and edgy, with a gender-neutral vibe to it. 

Jellyfish Hair is best described as a cross between a mullet and a bowl cut, with the top of the hair short and rounded, and the back and lengths of the hair left long, so that your hair looks just like a jellyfish!


‘Foilayage’ is a perfect mixup of balayage & traditional highlights. It involves the same sweeping method used in freehand balayage, however, sections of hair are then wrapped in foil highlights instead of being left to air dry.

This is to allow the hair to lighten further, intensifying the lifting effect of the highlights. The results are simply stunning!

Money Piece Highlights

Money Piece highlights are also known as face frame highlights and are often added to a traditional balayage. Think Gerri Halliwell in the 90s where two bolder, brighter strips of colour are added to contrast against the rest of your hair.