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Manicures, Pedicures, Nail Extensions & Gel Nails At Muse Beauty Salon In Broadway, Worcestershire

At Muse Hair & Beauty Salon in Broadway we pride ourselves on delivering the best nail services in Worcestershire including manicures, pedicures, long-lasting gel nails and acrylic nail extensions.  Relax and unwind as we treat your cuticles and nails in our luxurious nail bar where men and women visit us from far and wide to experience our beauty services and wonderful customer service.

If you are unsure which service to have, one of our highly experienced nail technicians will be happy to talk you through the treatments available.  Below are some of our most popular nail treatments. 

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**Special Offer - Nail Art £15  Manicures , Pedicures , Gel £15  with Newly Qualified Graduate Nail Technician Lilly Saturdays Only **

Manicures & Pedicures

They say you can tell a lot about a person from the condition of their fingernails!  If that's true then it may be time to treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure at Muse Beauty Salon in Broadway!  We offer manicures and pedicures either with or without gel polish, as well as pampering deluxe treatments. We will shape and buff your nails to perfection, trim your cuticles and apply your polish of choice for the finishing touch.

Long-Lasting Gel Nails

Those of you looking for a longer-lasting treatment might like our gel nails service.  Your nails will be polished with your favourite colour before being cured under a UV light to seal and set the polish. The end result is shiny, strong nails that usually remain smudge-proof and free from chips for up to two weeks.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

At last!  Long nails can be yours with the latest acrylic nail extensions at our Broadways hair & beauty salon.  After chatting to you about the colour, shape and length of nail you desire, your skilled nail specialist will apply a special acrylic mixture to your nails which can then be filed and molded into your chosen shape.  Acrylic nails last for weeks but you can always come in for an infill where we expertly fill in the area between the cuticle and where the nail has grown.  We also offer an acrylic soak off service so we can remove your nails whenever you are ready. 

Nail Art

We offer a range of fun and stylish nail art designs which will help to take your manicure or pedicure to the next level and really stand out. Choose from ombre nails which like the hair colour and offer a seamless, blended transition of colour or classic French tips that contrasts with a clear or pale polish on your nails.

Nail Art is carried out by our Senior Nail Technician Nardia. Nail art price is by Consultation.

**Special Offer - Nail Art £15  Manicures , Pedicures , Gel £15  with Newly Qualified Graduate Nail Technician Lilly Saturdays Only **


Foot Reflexology is a holistic therapy performed on the feet and works on the principle that all of the energy meridians of the body are represented in the feet, together with many nerve endings that also relate to much of the body and organs. A reflexologists touch may help to calm the central nervous system, promoting relaxation.

Our heavenly Reflexology Treatments offer a non-invasive treatment that can help to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce pain and improve general wellbeing. The treatment is carried out by applying differing amounts of pressure to the feet. 

You could also consider other relaxing treatments at Muse Beauty Salon in Worcester including Hot Stone Massage, Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage & Rejuvenating Facials.

Reflexology| 60 minutes | £60

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