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Hair Colour Correction At Muse Hairdressers In Broadway, Worcestershire

Have you had a hair colour disaster? At Muse Hairdressers in Broadway, our Worcestershire hair colour correction experts are highly trained & experienced in correcting hair colour problems. So, if you’ve had a home hair dye kit go wrong or went to a different salon who failed to meet your hair colour requirements, we’re here to help solve your hair colour issues.

During a correction consultation, one of our skilled hair colour specialists will assess your hair to find out exactly what’s gone wrong & what treatment is needed. This will allow them to create the perfect plan for you so that we can fix your hair colour disaster.

Seek professional help as soon as possible! You don’t need to be embarrassed or worried, we’ve seen it all before & we’ll work out exactly what to do. To provide you with the best hair colouring services, we stay on top of the latest hair colouring techniques & trends to create the hair colour you desire.

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Dealing With Hair Colour Changes 

We know it’s tempting to try & fix your hair colour problems yourself and you may think just adding another colour over the top will solve the problem. But this is not the case & you may even damage your hair further. Let the professionals at Muse Hairdressing Salon in Worcestershire help.

Our team are highly trained in exactly how to correct uneven or incorrect hair tones, such as when the hair colour is too yellow or brassy, or even has overlapping bands of colour. Our skilled colour specialists will deal with each section of your hair individually, assessing the problems & using specific techniques suited to your hair colour issues. This will result in gorgeous, even hair colour – all thanks to the experts at Muse Hair Salon in Broadway!

Repairing Over-Processed Hair

Excess hair colouring can cause your hair to become brittle, damaged & dry as it’s over-processed. If you’re suffering from over-processed hair, we can help at Muse Hair & Beauty Salon in Worcestershire. Our top quality hair treatments contain the nutrients needed to repair your hair & leave it feeling nourished & moisturised once more. To make sure your hair is never over-processed again, always book your hair colour appointments at our Broadway salon, where we are the hair colour experts in Worcestershire & create beautiful hair colour every time.

At-Home Balayage Kit Gone Wrong

We know we make it look easy, but hair colour application is a serious skill that our colourists have been highly trained in! If you’ve tried to do your own balayage at home, you’ll know it’s not as easy as it seems & can result in bleached hair that turns orange. So, rather than using an at-home balayage dye kit, book an appointment at the best balayage salon in Worcestershire at Muse Hair Salon where we are blonde hair specialists & can create the beautiful balayage that you were after.

If you have used a home balayage kit that’s gone wrong, make sure to book in for a colour correction consultation so that we can discuss the steps it will take to fix your blonde hair colour disaster.

Box Hair Dye Disasters

Don’t judge a book by its cover, & don’t judge a box dye by the picture on the box! Often at-home box dye kits don’t turn out the same colour that they advertise. We know this is disappointing, but if you book an appointment at Muse Hair Salon, we can promise that you’ll get the hair colour you desire!

Important: Please keep in mind that colour correction may take time & that you may not be able to get the colour you wanted immediately. However, if your colour correction does take a little longer it will be worth it as our professional hair colour correction will leave you with an incredible final hair colour!

Book A Colour Correction At Muse Hair & Beauty Salon In Worcestershire

Whatever the hair colour problem, book an appointment at Muse Hairdressing Salon in Broadway as soon as possible. Book your consultation today by calling us on 01386 853 252 or book online.