Hair Smoothing 101

hair smoothing treatments in Broadway at Muse hairdressers
hair smoothing treatments in Broadway at Muse hairdressers
hair smoothing treatments in Broadway at Muse hairdressers

What is a Hair Smoothing Treatment? All Your Questions Answered From The Experts at Muse Hair Salon in Worcestershire

Do you long for smoother, sleeker hair that has less frizz?

Whether you have dry hair, want to reduce the amount of curl or volume in your hair, or are looking for ways to easily detangle curls, a professional keratin hair smoothing treatment at Muse hair salon in Worcestershire may be just what you need. The fantastic KeraStraight hair treatments, are designed to smooth, soften, and humidity-proof your hair meaning frizz is controlled and your tresses are more manageable. In just one treatment hair can be transformed!

Better yet, our smoothing treatments are not a permanent hair straightening, so your hair will still have its natural movement and you will be able to style your hair as normal and get the same results using styling irons & tongs.

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Humidity-Proof Your Hair

Anyone who has curly hair or hair that has a tendancy to frizz will understand that going out in humid weather conditions can play havoc with your locks! Our incredible keratin treatment transforms dry, dull and frizzy hair into smooth hair that lasts for up to 12 weeks before gradually fading from your hair.

The smoothing treatment is designed to work with your hairs natural texture so you will see a huge reduction in volume, the amount of frizz in your hair will be greatly reduced, whilst straighter hair types will be left looking and feeling softer and smoother. Your hair will be more resistant to humidity meaning reduced flyaways and less kinks.

Solution For Smooth & Manageable Hair Without Frizz For Up To to 3-5 Months

Looking after your new smooth hair is easy! For best results, please do not shampoo for 48 hours. When you do decide to cleanse your hair, it is recommended to use The Kerasilk home care products to prolong the smoothening effect and make your daily styling routine a great experience until your next salon visit.