Consultations – Colouring

1. Hand shake and introduction and sit at eye level on a stool

2. Determine what the service is today. Are we doing just roots or is the client expecting more?

Do they want to get rid of all their roots? How much maintenance are they prepared to have? How often do they visit the salon?

3. How are you finding your colour at the moment?

4. Is there anything that you don’t like about your colour?

Faded, roots, un natural?

5. What is it you like about your colour?

6. Is there anything that you would like to change?

Do we need to add any lighter or darker bits?

7. Do you feel the colour has faded since your last appointment?

Think holidays, sunny weather, swimming. Do the ends look faded?

Get the colour chart out does it look similar to what was used last time?

8. How is the condition of the hair at the moment?

Is the hair porous? How strong is it? Can you put Lightner if wanted on the ends?

9. What products are you using?

Are they suitable for coloured hair? Protect or strengthen

10. Re cap on what you will be doing today. This will also include on how the client is having the hair finished. Blowdry, cut or blast off. If it is going to be a process make sure your client understands this.

11. Excuse your self and go and mix your colour