Consultations – Cut

 1. Hand shake and introduction at eye level sitting on a stool

2.    How long is it since you had your hair cut?

Is this a normal amount of time in between your appointments?

3.    Are we keeping your hair the same today or would you like to change?

What could the client do to change their hair if a change is wanted?

4.    What is it your not liking about your hair at the moment?

Follow up with something that you could do to improve this issue

5.    What is it you like about your hair?

6.    How much would you like to loose off the length?

Get up off your stool and show the client how much you will be taking off the length and also the layers (if any)

7.    How often do you wash and blowdry your hair at home?

8.    What shampoo and conditioner do you use at home?

Suggest which shampoo you will be using today and why

9.    Do you use any styling products at home?

I will talk you through the products I’m using today when we are cutting

10. How are you finding the condition of your scalp and hair at the moment?

Is your client prepared to have a treatment? Explain the benefits

11.Re cap on what your are going to do during the service today.

12. Get your client shampooed