As Co-founder of Muse Hair and Beauty Jon has been one of the pillars of the business for twenty years.

Jon has created a beautiful salon to make his clients feel pampered and special. But Jon’s dedication and success in hairdressing amounts to so much more, Jon has created a strong foundation for expertise and creativity in hairdressing. Jon uses his creative experimentation as a training ground to perfect every client’s hair, so every client leaves the salon feeling beautiful. Jon is a master in his field, there are no half measures with Jon, he is always 100% focused.


Additionally, Jon brings energy, passion and positivity to the salon environment. Jon has outstanding creative skills, and he is a perfectionist. Jon brings to the salon a very strong work ethic and a strong commitment in leading the salon onwards and upwards.

Furthermore, Jon represents ambition and determination, and a strong desire to motivate his team recognising that success within the salon is a result of quality training and management.  

Jon has a loyal customer base with many of his clients travelling many miles to see him.

Jon’s clients say….

“We travel a long way to get our hair cut by Jon, we always get a brilliant hair cut”

“Jon transformed my lazy- lockdown hair”

“Thank you, Jon, I love my new look”